Salon/Sanctuary Concerts in Florence, Italy

2017 Sacro/Profano Festival

Viaggi e Labirinti / Voyages and Labyrinths

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All concerts are free and open to the public unless otherwise specified

Through six concerts, ranging from a solo recital to one of the first operas, the third annual Salon/Sanctuary Florence festival honors the spirit of international exchange and discovery from ancient Greece to the tumultuous seicento.


Viaggi e Labirinti is produced by Salon/Sanctuary Concerts and made possibile by the patrocinio of L’Associazione per Boboli, Villa La Finaly, The Chancellerie des Universités de Paris – La Sorbonne, the generous support of the Florence Gould Foundation, and the invaluable collaboration of NYU Villa La Pietra, Palazzo Bardi, and Contessa Maria Teresa Guicciardini.



Wednesday May 31 9pm

NYU Villa La Pietra

Via Bolognese, 120

Highlights from Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria

La Venexiana

Richard Emerson, actor

Erica Gould, script

Free admission, RSVP required. To reserve, click here.


In honor of the 450th anniversary celebration of Il Divin Claudio, we proudly open the season with one of Italy’s leading early music ensembles in highlights of their performance of Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria from the Schwetzingen Festival. Noted English actor Richard Emerson keeps the plot moving with a script adapted from Homer’s Odyssey, and a cast of noted singers perform the foundational voyage story of Western Civilization as reimagined by Monteverdi.



Saturday, June 3 9pm

Sala Vanni

Piazza del Carmine, 14

I Viaggi di Caravaggio

Jessica Gould, soprano & Diego Cantalupi, chitarrone

CD Release concert. Free Admission


Caravaggio was a revolutionary and and confrontational painter whose canvasses absorbed the naturalism and discoveries of the ways of light made by his scientist contemporaries. His paintings offer a perspective on the complicated life of the artist, his time, and the thin line that separates sacred from profane passion in the baroque aesthetic. I Viaggi di Caravaggio is a dialogue between music and art, an original project of Italian lutenist Diego Cantalupi and American soprano Jessica Gould, and can be heard on the recent CD release on MV Cremona. Among the composers in the program are some of the greatest masters of the early seicento – Sances, Merula, Kapsberger, Mazzocchi, and others.



Monday June 5 9pm

Villa La Finaly, The Chancellerie des Universités de Paris – La Sorbonne

Via Bolognese, 134 R

At the Pleasure of Mazarin: Roman Treasures from the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris

Jessica Gould, soprano; Diego Castelli, Violin 1; Dario Palmisano, violin 2; Diego Cantalupi, lute; Davide Pozzi, harpsichord

Free Admission


A Cardinal who never took holy orders, Mazarin, né Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino, was born near Naples, grew up in Rome, and became Chief Minister of France. The most powerful advisor to Louis XIV was more fascinated by art than theology, he imported innumerable Italian compositions and a fair number of Italian composers. His dedication to artistic splendor was a hallmark of his tenure and a gift to subsequent generations.


Native sons whom he championed include Luigi Rossi, Virgilio Mazzocchi, and Giacomo Carissimi. Their music, mostly Roman, and mostly born of the decadent Barberini papal court, came to transform the music of France. Arias, cantatas, and operas by these Italian composers and more can be found to this day at the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, where many treasures of Mazarin’s collection still await a performance in our own time.

This performance is produced with the generous patrocinio of Villa Finaly, The Chancellerie des Universités de Paris – La Sorbonne and L’Associazione per Boboli.


Wednesday June 7 6pm

The Library of Palazzo Guicciardini

Via Guicciardini, 15

The Courtier’s Lute

Chris Morrongiello, Renaissance lute


At the height of the Renaissance, many marveled at the power of a well-played lute and its ability to move the soul. Better than any language of words, the instrument could inspire conciliation and peaceful accord. With this concert in the library of the great Renaissance courtier and historian Francesco Guicciardini, we honor this friend and critic of Lorenzo dei Medici with a program dedicated to musical diplomacy in the library of his palace.
From the suave court dances of Pierre Attaingnant to nostalgic Caledonian melodies; from the sublime fantasies of Francesco da Milano to the tavern tunes of Elizabethan England, works gathered from great masters of France, Italy, England, and Scotland reflect musical facets of diverse places. The lute speaks directly, mysteriously at times, but never without purity, delight, and an unerring power of persuasion.


Admission by reservation only. Limited spaces available. To reserve, please email us.


Friday June 9 5pm

The cortile of Palazzo Bardi

Via dei Benci, 5

L’Eredità della Camerata

Jessica Gould, soprano; Diego Castelli and Dario Palmisano, violins; Christopher Morrongiello, lute & Diego Cantalupi, chitarrone


The innovations of the Camerata dei Bardi ignited imaginations across the known musical world, inspiring composers from The Sceptered Isle to La Serenissima. Selections from Robert Dowland’s A Musicall Banquet, Monteverdi’s Orfeo, and Barbara Strozzi’s daringly innovative cantatas follow in the footsteps of Caccini Nuove Musiche and Peri’s Varie Musiche, and attest to the enduring power and extensive reach of the Florentine imagination.


Works by the father and daughter Giulio and Francesca Caccini, father and son John and Robert Dowland, teachers and students Claudio Monteverdi, Francesco Cavalli, and Barbara Strozzi, boast a musical heritage traversing generations and geographies. Come join us to hear music of the camerata’s progeny in the place where it all began. 

Admission by reservation only. To reserve, please email us.


Saturday, June 10 5pm

The cortile of Palazzo Bardi

Via dei Benci, 5

Doni e Scambi

Corina Marti, harpsichord

The 1625 performance in Florence of Francesca Caccini's La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'Isola d'Alcina for the visiting Crown Prince of Poland and the opera's subsequent performance in Warsaw capped off a long and forgotten history of artistic and diplomatic exchange between the courts of Tuscany and Poland. 


Keyboard virtuosa Corina Marti plays a sixteenth-century selection of Italian and Polish musical exchanges, a prelude to the Camerata's voyage to the East.

Admission by reservation only. To reserve, please email us.


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